When it comes to the topic “to built a fire and roast something” in the garden, in the mountains, etc. one of the favorite themes is an open fire or as it is now fashionable to call it in recent years – barbecue. This is not surprising because, aside from hardcore vegetarians you’ll hardly find someone who remain insensitive at the smell or sight of sizzling on the grill chops, kebabs, cevapcici, sausages and other delicacies that we have done. There is no doubt about that, toasted to a real glow, even the once beloved salami, turns into an appetizing delicacy. If we add the romance of the open fire in the summer night, the drifting everywhere aroma of baked meat and the pleasure of licking your fingers from time to time (fingers with which you touched a juicy steak), the idea for the barbecue (and its importance for the complete leisure) is becoming “flesh and blood”.

Opportunities for roasting delicacies over an open fire, as thou wilt. From the grill resting on four bricks, fish caught a few hours ago roasted on a tile to the many other gadgets for baking. Since we know how much you love grilled delicacies. Suffice it to burn a little bit of wood or removed from the sack charcoal and the barbecue is ready for action. The barbecue on the terrace is available for guests who prefer the unique taste of meat roasted on coals.