River “Golden Panega” is one of many natural resources in the region of village Petrevene. It originates from the karst spring “Glava Panega.” Since ancient times people believed that the waters in the fountain are healing and help patients who dive or drink from it. Not accidentally, this is where archaeologists discovered ancient Roman sanctuary and hospital. Access to the waters of springs and lakes is free. To the Lower lake has an asphalt road. From there it takes around 10 min walking on footpath to get to the Upper lake where is the karst spring “Glava Panega.” The color of the water in the fountain is truly remarkable – because of dissolved calcium carbonate they acquired gentle blue-green color. Therefore, people from the neighborhood called the fountain “Siniloto” /”The blue”/. The two lakes are separated by limestone block whose opening by the waters of the Upper lake poured into the lower lake. Their depth should not be underestimated, it ranges from 5 to 10 meters. At the southern end of Lower lake has three mineral springs with water temperature of 22 degrees. At this point in antiquity it was built Roman mineral bath.
The waters of river “Golden Panega” are known and in that only here naturally breed Balkan trout – temptation of any self-respecting fisherman.